The story of how the GinGuy came to be…

Secrecy behind his identity and passion for botanicals and all things gin

Here at the GinGuy, we have an absolute passion, borderline obsession with gin and all things gin related! We believe in giving you, our valued gin lovers, all things on one platform. We have a large selection of local and international gin available and delivered nationwide. We wanted to bring the gin revolution straight to you with all the unique addons that you see in the ads. We want to turn your gin experience into one that you and your friends will never forget!

This dream started in 2016 at the beginning of the Gin craze and just grew from there! We loved seeing how new gins got developed and dreamed of a day that all these incredible products would be available to all corners of the country. After plenty of experimentation and tasting, we are excited to bring you all things gin!

Welcome to The Gin Guy, because everyone needs to know a guy.