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Love Gin Kit


The Love Gin Kit contains everything you need to transform a bottle of unflavoured alcohol into your very own gin. Enjoy the journey of turning a simple bottle of spirits into your own bottle of home crafted gin in only 36 hours.

2* 500ml glass bottles
Stainless Steel Funnel with strainer
Juniper berries
Botanical blend

The Gin Bin


The Gin Bin – Taste the Difference

Here at The Gin Guy, we have created a unique gintastic experience packed into one box.

The Gin Bin comes with six contrasting gin profiles, allowing you to explore your passion or curiosity for gin all in one box.

Let our tasting cards guide you on a gin adventure, as you learn about gin and its exceptional personalities. Make your own notes and become a master ginthusiast!

What is in The Gin Bin Bin:
6 x 50ml Tasting Gins each with a unique profile
6 x Tasting Cards