Cape Saint Blaize – Floristic

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A soft floral Gin with gentle aromas of freshly cut flowers, plump strawberries and peppered grains of paradise give rise to notes of green rooibos and mint buchu. A subtle hint of juniper, coriander, honeyed pistachio, fresh black fig, and vanilla deliver a mouthfeel that is both fragrant and exotic. Rich aromatics of saffron, toasted cinnamon, cardamom, candied grapefruit peel leads to a comforting smooth finish.

Enjoy neat on ice or with a quality tonic, curl of lemon zest, strawberry slice, and a bouquet of petals.


Juniper, Green Rooibos, Mint Buchu, Coriander, Honeyed Pistachio, Black Fig, Vanilla, Strawberries

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