Ginologist Triple Deal

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A purist take on a citrus gin with clean, crisp, citrus flavours taking centre stage in what is an incredibly refreshing taste.
R349.00 incl. VAT
Rose geranium led floral infusion with a long lingering flavour which finishes elegantly with a soft dryness as the orange blossom comes through. The floral medley gives the Floral gin a perceived sweetness, making it ideal for those who prefer to serve gin with lite tonics or soda water.
R349.00 incl. VAT
An eastern style London Dry, the Spice gin produces complex spicy notes with hints of cinnamon. The unique and bespoke flavours coat the mouth and tongue with the convivial appeal, finishing smoothly.
R349.00 incl. VAT

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1 x Ginologist Spice, 1 x Ginologist Floral, 1 x Ginologist Citrus


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