Noble Experiment Double Deal

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Leonitus Leonorus or Wild Dagga is a firm favourite in South African gardens for its colourful flower display coupled with its ability to attract nectar feeding sunbirds by the dozen.  Distilled using 16 botanicals to add to the refreshingly individual character. Unusual, distinctive and utterly delicious…
R420.00 incl. VAT
On tasting it surprises with an evocative almost nostalgic sweetness followed by a tart crisp edge. The addition of African Baobab and Hibiscus contributes to the fruity aroma. This gin is slightly softer than traditional gins with smooth juniper and citrus notes.
R420.00 incl. VAT

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1 x The Noble Experiment – Elixir of Lion’s Tail, 1 x The Noble Experiment – Rhubarb & Baobab Gin


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