Perlage Natural Mineral Water

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Perlage is a natural mineral water bottled at the source in the Nałęczów Spa area of Poland.
Perlage is bottled at the source and extracted from a 320 ft deep well. The underground rock filtration cycle is estimated to be 400 years before the water reaches its final destination.

Perlage is bottled using specially created technology of saturating natural mineral water with carbon dioxide of natural origin. Thanks to this unique method the bubbles are very small and release slowly. It is perfect for sparkling water lovers as well as for those who prefer still waters. The delicate fizziness is similar to one you may find in high quality sparkling wines. Subtle water taste, low sodium level and these tiny bubbles (which clean the taste buds) make this water a superb companion of food, wine, gin, mixers and more!

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