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SKAAMBLOM also known a the Blushing Bride. The Skaamblom is what one calls a Signature Botanical Gin and has a unique floral scent with earthy undertones, is a softer gin with a beautiful scent and color.
Open the SKAAMBLOM and ignite the romance of the Rebel with his beloved Blushing Bride. Filled with passion, he travelled from Swellendam “Over die Berg” to the Pride of Franschhoek to rescue LOVE encapsulated in the SKAAMBLOM. With a blaze of fire, the Rebel shall court the maiden by tucking a deep shaded pink SKAAMBLOM in his lapel, if she is to blush, eternal love shall sprout for those who endeavor to open the SKAAMBLOM together.


Coriander Seed, Citrus Peel, Angelika Root, Cassia Bark, Serruria Florrida, Juniper Berries, Fynbos

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